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Unlock Your Company Potential for 2022: Webinar Invitation on February 21, 2022

The only choice you don’t have in 2022…is to DO something to make your company better. We invite you to a business webinar on February 21, 2022 to learn and see how to unlock your company potentials.

This executive leadership coaching and mentoring session is part of the Organizational and Executive Development by Adding Zeros delivered by Inventivo Professional Services Limited, operators of ActionCoach in Nigeria

Organizational and Executive Development by Adding Zeros

Let’s talk reality…
The reality is no good leader is going to go into this year without planning, to have it be a better year, be involved, be active, and committed to making it happen. Sign up for the webinar here

A couple of things we know…
• Planning by yourself does not work
• The key to unlocking a good plan is…solid strategic thinking and execution leadership

Planning is not enough and we are going to show you why…
Your reality of today…

First, You have more things to do than there is time to do…and yet, if you do not find time to do the right things you will not get the right results. We will give you a jumpstart in 45 minutes.

The second reality is as we know…is that your schedule is not always our schedule, we are going to do something extraordinary, if you can work into your schedule and attend our webinar, GREAT. But we are committed to leaving no leader behind. So, if it doesn’t work into your schedule and you will commit to having a better 2022, we will set up, at a no-cost, no-obligation a convenient time for you to have a one on one 45-minute session with the guru of strategic thinking and implementation leadership. email [email protected] to schedule

About the webinar… Sign up for the webinar here
Imagine this, every single leader in your organization knows exactly where they are going, how they will get there, and they are tracking their progress. The webinar holds on Feb 21, 2022 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

If you have a POWERFUL team that can accomplish anything with the right FOCUS and Commitment… This Webinar is For You

If you are COMMITTED to develop a cohesive, results-driven TEAM…This Webinar is For You

If you want an organization that achieves successful OUTCOMES and a sustainable FUTURE… This Webinar is For You
If you are not killing it EVERY single MONTH…This Webinar is For You

It’s time to see how Organizational and Executive Development through the Adding ZEROS 5 Disciplines process can help you. Sign up for the webinar here

About the Organizers

The webinar is organised and hosted by Inventivo Professional Services (“Inventivo”), a business and executive coaching services firm incorporated in Nigeria in February 2018 as a business enterprise. Our mission is to partner with business owners and /or executives in a thought provoking and creative process that ensures the optimization of their business and/or personal performance i.e. career or business. We believe strongly that careers and/or businesses bloom within the context of well-defined vision and goals. Sign up for the webinar here


Inventivo Professional Services are the operators of the ActionCoach in Nigeria.

ActionCOACH Business Coach Pty Ltd was started in 1993 by Brad Sugars and has today grown to be the largest Business and Executive Coaching Company in the world. Its vision is to “Create World Abundance through Business Re-Education” with a purpose to have “A Coach in every Business”. Globally, ActionCOACH operates out of the fabulous city of Las Vegas Nevada, USA and has thousands of offices and franchises in over 75 countries using its proven business development systems to support tens of thousands of business owners every week. Sign up for the webinar here

The Lead Speaker

Sade odunaiya, Founder and Chief Responsibility Officer of Inventtvo Professional Services, Operatos of ActionCoach in Nigeria

Mrs Folasade (Sade) Odunaiya is the Chief Responsibility Officer for Inventivo Professional Services and leads all engagements. She has over thirty (30) years working experience, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), a CFA Charterholder, is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has been certified as a Business Coach for the Nigerian market by ActionCOACH. Sign up for the webinar here

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