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Update on Commodities Market: Paddy rice records 2-week gain amid high demand

In the open market, paddy rice saw a gain of 8.10%, continuing a two-week streak of gains. Due to its limited supply, the holidays has increased the high demand. Paddy rice was the leading grain gainer increasing 6.20% w-o-w.

The benchmark indices, ACI and AEI, rose by 0.09% and 3.99%, respectively, in the most recent trading week, tracking trends in the price of commodities. Due to robust demand stemming from the holiday season, the price of paddy rice is anticipated to maintain patterns seen in the previous two weeks.

Market Price Dynamics

The majority of the commodities showed a lackluster performance on the Exchange. The greatest gainer was cashew nut, up 11.14%.

With a gain of 8.10%, paddy rice was the leading gainer on the open market. Due to rising global demand, cocoa prices are rising on the open market.

Cocoa continued to perform well on the open market, rising to the top gainer there with a w-o-w increase of 2.07%. Access details of the report here.

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