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Virus Alert: Cybercriminals unleash 411,000 malicious files daily in 2023

Every day, on average, 411,000 harmful files are found by Kaspersky’s ( detection systems. This represents a roughly 3% increase in 2023 over the previous year. Specific threat categories also increased: analysts noted a notable 53% increase in attacks utilizing malicious Microsoft Office and other document types. Attackers tended to employ riskier strategies, like using backdoors to sneak into systems. These observations highlight how cyber dangers are changing and are covered in depth in the Kaspersky Security Bulletin: Statistics of the Year Report (

Kaspersky’s computers found about 125 million harmful files overall in 2023. Windows remained the most popular target for cyberattacks, with 88% of all malware-filled data found every day falling into this category. Among the top three threats were malicious families that spread via different scripts and document formats; these families accounted for 10% of all malicious files that were discovered every day.

According to Kaspersky’s detection technologies, the number of malicious files in different document formats, such as Microsoft Office, PDF, and others, increased by 53% every day to approximately 24,000 files. The increase could be attributed to an increase in phishing PDF file attacks, which are intended to steal information from unsuspecting victims.

Trojan horses remain the most common kind of malware. Backdoor usage has increased significantly this year, with a rise from 15,000 detected files daily in 2022 to 40,000 in 2023. One of the riskiest kind of trojans is a backdoor, which gives an attacker remote access to a victim’s system so they can transmit, receive, execute, and delete files, gather sensitive information, and record computer activities.

“The world of cyberthreats is always changing, getting more deadly every year. Adversaries never stop creating new malware, strategies, and tactics to target businesses and people. Every year, more vulnerabilities are revealed, and threat actors—such as ransomware gangs—use these vulnerabilities without authorization.

“The world of cyberthreats is always changing, getting more deadly every year. Adversaries never stop creating new malware, strategies, and tactics to target businesses and people. Every year, more vulnerabilities are discovered, and threat actors—such as ransomware gangs—use them without hesitation. Furthermore, the widespread use of AI by attackers to, for example, craft phishing letters with more convincing content has lowered the entry barrier into cybercrime. These days, adopting dependable security solutions is crucial for both big businesses and everyday users. Vladimir Kuskov, Head of Kaspersky Labs, says, “Our experts are committed to combating these constantly changing cyberthreats, guaranteeing a safe online experience for users every day, and providing essential threat intelligence about pertinent threats.”

The findings are included in the Kaspersky Security Bulletin (KSB), an annual series of forecasts and analytical studies on significant changes in the cybersecurity industry, and are based on Kaspersky’s detections of malicious files from January to October. To find out more, click this link: Kaspersky provides advice on staying safe for individuals and businesses.


  • Installing and downloading software from unreliable sources is not advised.
  • Avoid clicking on any links from unidentified sources or dubious internet adverts.
  • Make sure your passwords are strong and distinct by using a combination of capital and lowercase letters, digits, and punctuation. You should also enable two-factor authentication.
  • Install updates consistently. It’s possible that some of them have important security bug patches.
  • Ignore requests from messages to turn off cybersecurity or office security software.
  • Use a powerful security program like Kaspersky Premium (, which is suitable for your devices and system type.


  • To stop hackers from taking advantage of weaknesses in your network and infiltrating it, make sure the software on every device you use is updated.
  • Make it a habit to use secure passwords when logging into company services. Utilize multi-factor authentication while gaining entry to distant services.
  • For effective defense against known and unknown threats, choose a tried-and-true endpoint security solution like Kaspersky Endpoint Security ( for Business, which is outfitted with behavior-based detection and anomaly control features.
  • To quickly identify and eliminate even the most sneaky and innovative attacks, use a specialized suite of endpoint security, threat detection, and response tools. With EDR and MDR capabilities, Kaspersky Optimum Security ( is a crucial endpoint security suite.
  • To keep up with the most recent Threat Intelligence ( information, utilize it. Threat actors use actual TTPs.

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