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Volvo Group’s CampX hub opens new Incubator track for startups to accelerate sustainable mobility innovations

With the addition of a new track called Incubator, where early-stage startups are invited to further develop innovations, Volvo Group is bringing its program for accelerating startups to the next level. At CampX, the Volvo Group’s worldwide innovation hub for collaboration, more than 50 entrepreneurs have so far developed their concepts. With the help of Volvo Group and the concept, potential companies now have a physical space to test out and develop new concepts.

In 2019, CampX by Volvo Group, a hub for international innovation collaboration, was introduced in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has since expanded to four other nations. The companies are collaborating with numerous Volvo Group specialist engineers, providing them with crucial access to mentoring, networks, and industry knowledge.

By introducing the new CampX Incubator, early-stage businesses with innovative ideas will be encouraged to work together for better support as they develop, scale, and market their new breakthroughs. It demonstrates the Volvo Group’s ongoing dedication to helping companies create marketable and significant innovations with a focus on sustainability, particularly through electromobility, autonomous driving, and digital solutions.

In order to accelerate the critical transformation of the transportation sector toward a sustainable future, we are confident in the CampX concept. In this difficult road, innovation speed may be the most important factor, according to Volvo Group Chief Technology Officer Lars Stenqvist. “CampX is a strategic engine where we can partner to accelerate commercial and technological innovation. By utilizing our labs, test cars, and workshops, for instance, our tens of thousands of technical and commercial specialists may support entrepreneurs in co-creating and validating their fresh ideas.

  • The initial round of incubator firms are engaged in a variety of high-tech industries that have been given priority. As follows:
  • Radchat is a business that uses technology that makes it possible for radars to interact in order to obtain exact positioning, for instance in underground mines.
  • Repli5, a company whose software simplifies the building of 3D simulation environments
  • Kite, which develops cooling technologies for electromobility through thermal management solutions
  • Fyrqom, a business that manages and measures tire pressure automatically.
  • Knight the Autonomous, with enhanced all-weather vision thanks to its multispectral camera.

Ideas from startups like these first five can have a significant positive impact on the transportation sector. With order to develop sustainable mobility, we assist entrepreneurs in fast validating their potentially game-changing innovations, according to Helene Niklasson, Head of CampX at Volvo Group. “We foster natural relationships by placing these companies right next to our Volvo engineers. Everyone is aware that the best concepts are frequently generated next to the coffee maker.

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