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Watch Disney Animation Series “Iwájú” on Disney Channel (DStv Channel 303)

The groundbreaking partnership between Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pan-African Entertainment Company Kugali has resulted in the creation of the original Watch Disney Animation Series “Iwájú” on Disney Channel (DStv Channel 303) series “Iwájú.” This futuristic series set in Lagos will have a special premiere on Disney Channel (DStv Channel 303) in Africa during the months of April and May.

  • The series will debut on Monday, 22 April, and run until Friday, 26 April at 17:00 (CAT) / 16:00 (WAT),
  • followed by a marathon on Saturday, 27 April starting at 14:00 (CAT) / 13:00 (WAT).
  • Special repeat broadcasts are scheduled from Monday, 29 April to Saturday, 4 May,
  • with another marathon on Sunday, 5 May at 13:35 (CAT) / 12:35 (WAT). Additionally, on
  • Africa Day, Saturday 25 May, viewers can enjoy a 6-episode marathon starting at 11:00 (CAT) / 10:00 (WAT).

This series offers audiences in regions without access to Disney+ the chance to experience the captivating story of Tola and Kole as they navigate the mysteries of their contrasting worlds. “Iwájú” is a unique collaboration with Kugali Media, featuring the creative talents of Olufikayo “Ziki” Adeola, Hamid Ibrahim, and Tolu Olowofoyeku.

The production team includes Christina Chen, Jennifer Lee, and Byron Howard from Walt Disney Animation Studios, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience for audiences across the continent.

Writer and Director Olufikayo Ziki Adeola expressed that “Iwájú” was created as a heartfelt tribute to Lagos, Nigeria, and a homage to the rich tradition of African storytelling. The aim is to share this series with pride, hoping to inspire Africans worldwide to share their own stories and shape our collective narrative.

Christine Service, Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Walt Disney Company Africa, stated that “Iwájú” is a true celebration of creativity and storytelling excellence, showcasing the immense talent and creative vision of local filmmakers to the world. The series will be distributed on Disney Channel, providing audiences across Africa with the opportunity to experience this ambitious and innovative series.

Olowofoyeku, president of Kugali Media and cultural consultant for “Iwájú,” explains that the title originates from the Yoruba language, specifically the phrase “Ojó iwájú,” which translates to “the day ahead” or the future. Many of the main characters in the series belong to the Yoruba ethnic group, one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Ibrahim, CEO of Kugali Media and production designer for “Iwájú,” shares that the vision for the series was to imagine the future of Lagos, approximately 100 years from now. In this future, the mainland is designed to accommodate a large population in towering structures, while the island, where the wealthiest reside, is designed to be visually stunning like a work of art.

The series has received positive reviews worldwide, with ScreenRant.com describing it as “an exciting new step for Walt Disney,” and ABC News in Australia praising its unique African essence and universal appeal. The series is visually captivating and captivating in its storytelling.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch “Iwájú” during its three special broadcasts, exclusively on Disney Channel (DStv, Channel 303).

  • Weekdays from Monday, 22 – 26 April at 17:00(CAT) / 16:00(WAT) with a marathon on Saturday, 27 April from 14:00(CAT) / 13:00(WAT)
  • Special repeat broadcasts from Monday, 29 April – Saturday, 4 May and a marathon on Sunday, 5 May from 13:35 (CAT) / 12:35(WAT)
  • On Africa Day, Saturday 25 May, with another 6-episode marathon from 11:00 (CAT) / 10:00(WAT)
  • Download Images: Click Here (https://apo-opa.co/3VUc3SY) Link to Trailer: Click here (https://apo-opa.co/3VQ9cKY)

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