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We have acquired Sendchamp, the premier messaging platform for businesses – Whogohost

The leading corporate messaging platform Sendchamp has been bought by Whogohost, the largest cloud solutions provider in West Africa. Businesses will receive a variety of strong tools from this cooperation to improve your communication.

The Mission at Whogohost: We are dedicated to offering resources and services that enable all of our business partners to be successful.

We acquired Sendchamp because we understood that working with them would be a crucial step in reaching this objective.

What is Sendchamp.

Sendchamp is your one-stop shop for hassle-free consumer communication. Sendchamp makes it incredibly easy to send messages via WhatsApp, SMS, email, or even phone calls, and you don’t need any technical knowledge to get started. It’s the ideal instrument to increase customer engagement and improve communication flows.

Sendchamp and Bodsquare are introduced.

With the use of an API, Sendchamp makes it simple to communicate with your consumers via WhatsApp, SMS, email, and voice.

Bodsquare: Simplify communication by SMS and email for critical alerts, sales, or newsletters.

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