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Centurion Law Group launches flagship Africa Investment Guides with Nigeria guide paving the way

After extensive research and continuous development, Centurion Law Group  (CenturionLG.com) is proud to launch the Africa Investment Guides series, developed to serve as the African countries’ guide in reflecting and navigating through tough economic times. The Africa Investment Guides take a deep dive into the legal, regulatory, fiscal, and investment landscape of each country, identifying and breaking down rules and practices to help investors and companies better understand the structures and operate in a compliant manner on the continent.

“This is exactly what Africa’s investment economy has been waiting for – a one-stop-shop information engine that can be used as both a reference in navigating local operations and an indicator of key trends to pay attention to within industries across Africa. It offers country-specific analysis and guidance to investors and companies navigating the domestic and international landscape, especially in light of the newly formed African Continental Free Trade Area which could significantly affect intra-African collaboration” says Oneyka Cindy Ojogbo, Senior Associate Attorney at Centurion Law Group.

The launch of the investment guides signifies a wealth of knowledge and expertise that Centurion now avails to not only its network but to the world. The release of the Nigeria Guide, as the pioneering guide, paves the way as the team prepares to release guides for all other African countries. As we journey through continuous changes in economic, political, global, and local rifts, Centurion Law Group strives to ensure that the guides contain pertinent and useful information to ultimately reflect the investment scene of Africa from a glance.

“The Investment Guide’s unique feature is that it answers investors’ practical questions. It addresses relevant and topical issues, such as local entity set-up and registration requirements, work permits and filing requirements, local content requirements where applicable, fiscal and tax incentives applicable to the different sectors of the economy, taxes, as well as domestic and treaty investment protection and dispute resolution mechanism.  The Guide tells you what works, and identifies the forms, procedures, and agencies responsible for these activities, so you avoid unnecessary pitfalls and costs”, says Edem Andah, Head of Centurion’s Tax Desk.

Thanks to our incredible team at Centurion Law Group, our audience and businesses can now access a wide range of relevant legal and business information on the continent with a click of a button.

As a leading pan-African corporate and commercial law firm, Centurion, and its network offer clients a new knowledge and legal platform on how to do business in Africa. With 54 jurisdictions, Africa is a multicultural continent where the best ways of doing business and making deals can vary significantly from one country to the other.

Visit our website and engage with the now available, Nigeria Guide (https://bit.ly/2X2vz3I).

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