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Croatia edges a win against highly rated Brazil in the 2022 World Cup quarterfinals on penalties

Croatia today secured a well deserved 4-2 penalty win against hard fighting but wasteful Brazil in the first quarterfinals of the ongoing 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Two goals were scored in the extra time, Brazil scoring the first goal in the last minute of the first half of the extra time through Neymar and Croatia equalizing in the 10th minute of the second half of the extra time.

Both teams were not able to find the net within the 90 minutes of play and the game had to proceed into the extra times. Brazil who had more ball possession throughout play were not clinical at goal as they wasted most of their changes in their 20 attempts at goal with just one goal going in by Neymar. The same trend continued into the penalty shoot outs as they wasted two of their penalty kicks while the Clinical Croatians scored all of their four kicks.

Croatia, a very disciplined side were good in their defense with attacking forwards that threatened the Brazilians on at least eight different occasions.

In the ensuing penalties, Brazil scored two of their kicks while Croatia scored four of their kicks and coming off triumphant. The last penalty shots were not taken as the result would not change who qualifies. Croatia will now face the winner of the Argentina/Netherlands match in the next round

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