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Enzi Ijayo Africa green energy think tank Initiative launched

Enzi Ijayo, a continental green energy think tank, has committed to fill the hole by introducing the initiative at the inaugural Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi. Africa is a sleeping giant in terms of renewable energy potential, with only 7% of its massive geothermal, wind, and solar energy potential being utilized.

Despite the fact that a large proportion of the population (4 out of 5) is still not linked to the electrical grid. It also lags behind the rest of the world in terms of renewable energy adoption, while having enormous green energy potential.

The lobby attempts to build partnerships and support for increased investments in green energy solutions that provide a sustainable path to greening Africa’s economic development.

According to Enzi Ijayo Director Charles Wanguhu, the effort aims to establish inclusive, egalitarian, and accountable energy transition policies and solutions that contribute to Africa’s socioeconomic development.

“Enzi Ijayo will convene and work with key actors in the energy eco-system to provide evidence-based solutions and advocate for progressive policy,” he said.

Such solutions, he continued, are expected to produce meaningful outcomes that would encourage Africa to link her people to the green power grid at a time when studies predict that over half a billion Africans will remain unconnected in 2030.

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According to Enzi Ijayo’s report, the continent’s energy sector has fundamental issues such as poor access rates, significant reliance on expensive thermal plants, and the region’s sensitivity to variations in global fuel costs, rendering it vulnerable to economic instability.

Africa needed over $700 billion in annual investment to address these concerns, even as countries struggle to meet expanding energy demand in a reliable, affordable, and secure manner.

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