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How to Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Growth in 2020 – Nkem Mpamah

Imagine that you are improving your value propositions and solving problems in the marketplace consistently with your products and services. As a result, you have grown your business to, say, US$150,000 in revenue per annum, and everything is going great. 

But, then; your revenue stops growing. You have the ambition to take your business to a US$350,000 growth phase, but you can’t. You work hard, but the harder and longer hours you work, the farther away you drift below your US$150,000 income line.

Your effort becomes counter-productive, your confidence is eroded because you are stuck in one growth phase for too long, despite your hard work. And now, you want to start another business, since “the other one refuses to grow.”

The above scenario is typical of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is an uncertain roller coaster game. Someone is doing great today; the next day, he or she is faced with enormous unpredictable challenges that freeze them up in one spot for many years. You may have gone through that experience in the past, or know someone who has or is going through it right now.  

This is the biggest problem every entrepreneur has. It is not a matter of luck, bad economy, or some “follow-come” attacks from the village, as some people think. The real cause has a name; it is called COMPLEXITY! You can read more about complexities and get the tools to overcome them here.

Complexities place a ceiling on entrepreneurs’ growth ambitions and stagnate them from achieving their goals. Complexities occur when you have tensions between your life and business, and your concentration is defused. In other words, there are too many commitments going on too fast in your life. Too fast, in fact, you barely have time and space to think, plan, and creatively advance your cause. Learn more about this here. As a matter of fact, you can see a lot of good opportunities around you, but you feel enormously frustrated to reach them. Even though you can see, feel, or smell the opportunities, you cannot capture them because your capabilities are stretched to the limit.

Taking your business to a new growth level in 2020 requires a new habit and mindset. You need strategies to break through your complexities, but the strategies are not the conventional every day “Cut and Paste” strategies. Although many of them share similar names, the psychology of implementing them, and the measurable outcomes they produce differ greatly. For example, the reason your hard work tends to be counter-productive is that; up until now, you have developed your capabilities – structures, relationships, leadership, mindset, and habits to produce US$150,000 growth only. Right now you want to stretch your growth to US$350,000 with the same set of capabilities, and you cannot.  

Many entrepreneurs have been in this situation for upward of five years; working really hard to break through, but they cannot. What you need is not another hard work or new business. Instead, an enhanced set of capabilities – habits, structures, relationships, and goals is required to break through the ceiling and accelerate your growth.

In my Growth Syndicate™ Program, which commences in the first quarter of 2020 for a new batch of successful entrepreneurs; I walk entrepreneurs through proven concepts, tools, and strategies that eliminate distractions that interfere with their productivity, increase concentration on their most important money-making activities, and dramatically increase their free time, so they can do what they love both personally and professionally. You can learn more about the Growth Syndicate™ Program here.

If you ever want to experience consistent growth in every area of your business and life in the 2020s, the Growth Syndicate™ Program can provide you with a set of proven concepts, tools, and strategies to continually transform your thinking, improve your relationships, and drive your biggest results. To learn about how the Growth Syndicate™ Program can work for you, schedule a “Growth Strategy Call” with me. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the cost.

About the Author – NKEM MPAMAH

Nkem is a leadership and strategy coach and the CEO and founder of Cognition Global Concepts. Since 2010, Nkem has been coaching and supporting entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior executives to maximize performance, drive competitiveness, and accelerate growth.

Nkem’s early career began in the banking and finance sector, where he had more than 18 years of a successful career. Coming from an accounting background, Nkem Mpamah led the finance control and strategy departments of banks and finance related companies in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

An alumnus of OxfordBrookes Business School, Oxford United Kingdom with an MBA, member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Performance Coach accredited by the Coaching Academy London, and member of the International Coach Federation; Nkem Mpamah differentiates himself in business coaching, leadership development, and strategy consulting and advisory works. He is the founder and CEO of Cognition Global Concepts, creator of the Strategic Growth™ Program, and author of The ART of Achievement and Fulfilment and The Entrepreneur respectively.

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