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How to grow a blog to 2 million readers by Ryan Robinson

Over the past few months, I’ve been hard at work putting together my Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog, Driving Traffic and Generating Revenue.

This has been by far the most requested topic thousands of you have asked me to share more about this year…

And at nearly 20,000 words, this (free) guide to starting a blog is pretty epic. It breaks down everything from picking a niche to blog about, to walking through the mechanics of getting your website setup (the right way), my process for writing compelling content, how I consistently drive massive amounts of traffic, and the best ways to monetize your blog. Check it out right here.


If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog (as a way to build up your side income or even just for fun), then this guide is for you. It breaks down everything I’ve painstakingly learned over the past several years growing my blog to 2 million readers per year—from what you need to focus on, to what you should avoid at all costs.

My decision to launch a blog 4 years ago has completely changed my life, both personally and professionally.

My blog has led me to building a six-figure freelance business, generating thousands of dollars in passive income each month, launching a podcast where I regularly get to interview my personal heroes in the world of business, and to countless numbers of other opportunities that’ve come my way as a result of my blog.

I’ve learned a lot along the way, and today I’m sharing all of that with you…

You can read my free guide to starting a blog right here.

And if after reading the guide, you’re serious about starting your own blog as a vehicle for growing a business…

I also put together a free course that goes into even more step-by-step detail, including video tutorials and a deeper behind-the-scenes look at my own blogging process that you can start replicating for yourself, today.

You can take the free course, Build a Profitable Blog in 7 Days right here.

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Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson is a writer, part-time entrepreneur and content marketing consultant. He talks a lot about growing side projects on Twitter (you should join him). He has been featured on fastcompany, Forbes, Inc,, Buffer and

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