Jumia moves its Top Executive Officers to Africa and shuts down Dubai office

Jumia has announced the closing of its office in Dubai as it restructures its operations in the wake of years of loss-making and a rapidly changing eCommerce sector.

Top executives of the corporation are relocating from Dubai to the African nations they are in charge of, with the majority going to Morocco, Kenya, and Ivory Coast. The 60-person Dubai office will no longer exist going forward.

Former Jumia executives recently debuted a grocery delivery service in Kenya that is modeled after Jumia. Sam Chappatte, a former CEO of Jumia, and Cyrus Onyiego, a former COO, have now taken on identical duties at their brand-new company, Kapu.

Jumia has been operating for about ten years, during which time it has consistently suffered losses and frequently had to restructure its operations. The company continues to be one of the most well-liked eCommerce platforms in Africa and has enormous potential to build a long-lasting and sustainable business.

The company stated while releasing its results in June that it will need a variety of strategies to turn a profit, including increased marketing, promotional discounts, and cost-cutting measures in the warehouse by using less packaging.

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