Learn Animation For Free with the Del-York Creative Academy

Over the years, the Del-York Creative Academy has used the power of creation to rewrite Nigeria’s history by launching young creatives on their artistic adventures.

The Youth In Animation & Post-Production Initiative (YAPPI) initiative has now been launched in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation in order to rewrite Africa’s future by linking young African creatives into a realm of true influence and unlimited chances.

We invite and push you to be a part of the creative revolution by painting an incredible montage filled with hope and inspiration and become ignited with the fires of world transformation. Join us as we bridge the gap between Nigerian youth and their creative destinies.

The Del-York Creative Academy, like the story-telling legends who have defined Africa for generations, is dedicated to ensuring Nigerians enter the great books of history by empowering and training a new and fearless group of artists to take charge and unleash their creativity around the world. Register now by visiting www.yappi.ng.

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