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Norwegian Seafood Council is holding a One-Day Interactive Workshop on Stockfish and Seafood Trade in Nigeria

The Norwegian Seafood Council is holding a One-Day Interactive Workshop at the Lagos Continental Hotel on November 15, 2023, on stockfish and seafood trade in Nigeria

Norway and Nigeria have long traditions of working together, as the export of stockfish started as early as the 1890s, and it is today enjoyed by Nigerians all over the country and is now an important part of the Nigerian cuisine.

Norwegian stockfish heads are currently more or less the most affordable protein for a vast majority of Nigerians in the low-income bracket. Many livelihoods depend on the stockfish trade, as both men and women are involved in its sales in all the Nigerian markets.

The One-Day Interactive Workshop is aimed at strengthening relationship between The Norwegian Seafood Council, The Federal Government, Regulatory Authorities involved in the Imports and Exports of Stockfish and Seafoods Products in Nigeria, Stockfish Importers and Dealers, as well as shipping agents and Nigerian Customs Licenced Clearing Agents

A key objective of the one-day interactive workshop is to promote market access, highlight the nutritional value of stockfish and stockfish heads, and present that their intake, especially by children, will lead to better overall wellness for children and adults.

  • The Interactive Workshop will also be a further update that despite the popularity of stockfish in Nigeria, it does not and will not pose a threat to the encouragement of an increased local production of Farmed Fish in Nigeria as the imported volume is relatively low.
  • To show the goodwill of the Norwegian Government through the Norwegian Seafood Council for the promotion and re-entry of Nigeria’s farmed fish products into international markets in E.U. and the Americas
  • The Norwegian Seafood Council conducted a capacity building and training for Fisheries Officers and stakeholders involved in Fish Farming and Processing for Export and Import of Nigerian Farmed Fish Products in May 2022 in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • The challenges encountered by the Operators in the Imports of The Stockfish and Stockfish Head is also expected to be discussed.
  • A Communiqué is expected to be generated by the Stakeholders towards achieving the purpose of the Interactive Workshop.

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