Now Open: The ayoba Nigeria SME Accelerator Program 2023 for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

The Ayoba SME Accelerator Program is meant to assist SMEs in overcoming obstacles, scaling their operations, and achieving long-term success in their respective industries. This program will provide digital tools and skills to 10,000+ SMEs in Nigeria over the next three months, better positioning them for growth and sustainability.

In conjunction with Adanian Labs, the ayoba Nigeria SME Accelerator Program 2023 intends to promote the growth of Nigerian enterprises through digitization. This program covers a wide range of issues that small businesses confront, such as restricted access to funding, utilizing technology for growth, market access, and meaningful mentorship. The initiative is specifically designed to promote innovation, boost competitiveness, drive growth, and create long-term job prospects.

Criteria for Admission
Applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure program alignment and optimum value for chosen firms. What we will be searching for is outlined below.

Product Has Been Introduced To The Market
Businesses must have already introduced a product or service in the market.

SMEs with High Potential
High-potential SMEs are those who have shown tremendous growth potential and the potential to have a big effect on their industry or community.

Utilizing Technology Through technology and digitization, the product or service has the ability to be scaled.

Capacity of the Team
The core staff possesses the ability and skills to propel overall growth.


Create a More Powerful Business Ecosystem
Through Ayoba’s platform, the initiative aims to foster a thriving business ecosystem by encouraging collaboration and networking among SMEs, mentors, investors, and stakeholders. We’ll work together to help SMEs thrive and grow Ayoba’s user base.

Afriwill Identity and Culture should be promoted.
Using Ayoba’s platform, the program promotes Afriwill identity and culture. We welcome the continent’s many languages and cultures, enhancing Ayoba’s reputation as a value-based platform that connects people.

Concentrate on Key Growth Areas
Adanian Labs prioritizes technology solutions for Africa’s core growth sectors, which are primarily driven by SMEs. This strategy approach enables Ayoba to effectively service SME customers in these areas while also expanding its customer base in these key industries.

How Does It Work?

Among other things, onboarded SMEs will profit from the following:

SME digitalization training.
Improved business growth and sustainability skills.
Ayoba’s platform and partners provide access to new markets.
Opportunities for networking with other SMEs.
Increased brand presence and exposure.
For more information, please visit: Visit the Official Webpage of the Ayoba SME Accelerator Program 2023

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