Now Open: The IWMF’s 2023 Courage in Journalism Awards for Journalists & Photojournalists worldwide.

The biennial Courage in Journalism Awards presented by the IWMF recognize female and nonbinary journalists who have distinguished themselves by displaying great bravery, perseverance, and resilience. They raise the standard for reporting under pressure or in the face of censorship by doing whatever it takes to get to the truth.

The awards program recognizes courageous journalists from all across the world, especially photojournalists. They cover forbidden subjects, work in challenging circumstances, and speak harsh truths. The honorees also show a dedication to press freedom and frequently overcome unfair conditions online and offline to succeed as industry leaders.

Candidates for the Courage in Journalism Awards must be full-time employees, independent contractors, or nonbinary or female reporters, writers, editors, photographers, or producers from any nation.

The Courage in Journalism Awards demonstrate to the public that female journalists are not going away, cannot be silenced, and should be commended for their resilience in the face of difficulty. It pays tribute to the courageous reporters who cover taboo subjects, operate in tough situations for women, and reveal uncomfortable realities.

The Wallis Annenberg Justice for Women Journalists Award spotlights female journalists who are being held, imprisoned, or jailed every year. Many of these cases receive extensive media coverage at the time of the arrest but fade from view when fresh incidents are reported. To ensure the safety of female journalists, it is essential to share the stories of those who have been imprisoned.

For Additional Information Visit the IWMF’s 2023 Courage in Journalism Awards’ official website. Deadline: March 3rd, 2023

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