The Future is Female Mentorship Program for African female tech founders is now Open

Early-stage African female tech innovators are given insights into PR and communications basics through the Future is Female Mentorship Program, including developing a communications plan, business narrative, media relations, and more. The ultimate objective of PR and communications is to assist these women in increasing the exposure of their companies with various stakeholders, which will result in more clients, audiences, media attention, partners, and, of course, direct investment.

The Future is Female Mentorship Program is a PR and communications mentorship program created specifically to meet the business development objectives of African Tech female founders by C.Moore Media International Public Relations (CMM).

In honor of the 60th anniversary of Africa Day, the program’s fourth iteration aims to mentor more female founders from Africa as well as bring in new partners from a wider range of industries. This will increase the mentorees’ access to resources, networks, expertise, and knowledge. For the first time, Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund and Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders Africa Program will work together on a program that will highlight both organizations’ contributions to the advancement of technology in Africa.

The Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders Africa Program aligns with the aims and objectives of the Future is Female Mentorship Program and aims to empower and support women founders on the continent by giving them access to resources and opportunities to scale their businesses and solve African problems.

The Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund is very interested in Africa and is still evaluating the prospects present there. The Fund has backed some of the leading software businesses with an African emphasis in the area, including Flutterwave and Andela. They will offer a session on VC finance for the chosen female founders from all over Africa as part of their support for the initiative.

Program information

The mentoring program is given remotely, and the mentees are encouraged to take part in masterclasses and sessions that are tailored to the particular requirements of their industry and company.
Female founders will gain knowledge on the essentials of PR and communications for digital businesses during the mentorship program, including how to develop a communications plan, integrate narrative into your company communications with various stakeholders, and more.

Startups with a focus on agriculture, finance, health, education, and sustainability will receive further consideration during the selection process.
Startups that address the problems of African women and girls and/or offer solutions will also be given additional consideration.

Conditions for Eligibility

The company hasn’t even been open for two years.
You were either founded by a woman or had at least one female co-founder.
Your business caters to either African markets or Africans living abroad.
The business is in its pre-Series A financing stage.
You’ve created a business plan.
A minimum viable product (MVP) already exists.
You ought to have a working website.
You’ve already gotten some traction with your startup (money, customers, etc.).


2023 Program Information
This program is for you, my lady, if you are a female-founded African entrepreneur with a great service or product and want to learn how to use PR and communications to elevate your expanding business.

• Individualized online master workshops led by Claudine Moore, Managing Director of Allison+Partners for Africa, Adjunct Professor at New York University, and Editor of TechCabal, with input from the creators of AfricaCommsWeek.
• Personalized online meetings with members of the Allison+Partners team and top figures in the tech industry that are focused on your company and industry

Startups focusing on Africa can find insights into the principles of PR and communications, as well as practical examples of how to employ storytelling in your messaging. An overview of media relations, including a description of the differences between the hyper-local, regional, and worldwide press; information on how to develop an effective communications campaign; and a review of The Three T’s: Theme, Tone, and Timing of communications and content production Advice on building business relationships with a variety of stakeholders
For Additional Information View the Future is Female Mentorship Program 2023’s official website.

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