PIN and Pan-Atlantic University to empower Journalists

PIN and the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University (SMC, PAU) in Lagos, Nigeria have established a collaboration with the goal of enhancing knowledge and capabilities in reporting and addressing digital rights and inclusion issues in Africa. This joint initiative aims to equip journalists with the necessary expertise to effectively cover and advocate for inclusive digital spaces and document digital rights violations across the continent.

This partnership is a key component of PIN’s Digital Rights and Inclusion Media Programme (DRIMP), which includes media fellowships conducted in conjunction with academic institutions and industry experts. Through this program, PIN works with academic partners and digital rights specialists to provide training sessions to emerging media professionals and students. DRIMP exposes fellows to digital rights and inclusion, strengthening their capacity to report on and address any potential violations.

Bridgette Ndlovu, PIN’s Partnerships and Engagements Officer, emphasized the importance of establishing a network of knowledgeable advocates and reporters to advance and safeguard digital rights in Africa. She highlighted that the collaboration with the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University will empower media students to hold both governments and the private sector accountable for upholding digital rights standards.

Dr. Nwachukwu Egbunike, Senior Lecturer at the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, underscored that the partnership aligns with SMC’s commitment to equipping students with industry-relevant skills. The collaboration will promote experiential learning, a fundamental teaching objective of Pan-Atlantic University in Lagos.

Dr. Egbunike expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with Paradigm Initiative, emphasizing the importance of equipping media students with the necessary knowledge and skills to report on digital rights issues. This is seen as a crucial step towards creating a more just and equitable digital space in Africa.

The timing of this partnership is significant, as Africa is currently experiencing rapid digitalization and the implementation of digital policies. As part of the collaboration, PIN will provide technical support on various digital rights topics, such as surveillance, data privacy, and digital legislation in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Media students at Pan-Atlantic University will have the opportunity to publish research papers on digital rights and inclusion, further contributing to the understanding and awareness of these issues. Additionally, PIN will offer internship opportunities to a maximum of two outstanding students recommended by the School of Media and Communication at Pan-Atlantic University. These internships will allow the students to learn from and contribute to the work of PIN or its partner organizations.

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