Pressure on Price of Sorghum Amidst High Market Demand

As major players continue to purchase significant amounts of the commodity, sorghum has maintained a 2-week bullish trend in the open market, according to an analysis of last week’s trading activities.

The Exchange’s price performance was inconsistent. The crop that gained the most was soy. The benchmark indices, ACI and AEI, both experienced modest weekly losses of 1.70 and 0.01 percent, respectively. With 71% of the total volume traded, maize was the most frequently traded commodity on the Exchange.

Market participants predict that maize prices would decline on the open market due to a decline in demand as processors hold a significant amount of inventory.

  • Market Price Dynamics
  • Prices on the Exchange performed inconsistently. The largest gainer was soybean, which increased by 5.11%.
  • Paddy rice was the leading gainer in the open market, rising 4.99% as a result of increased demand.
  • With the exception of sorghum and cocoa, which saw a little dip, the prices of commodities increased worldwide.
  • Access the study here to view further pertinent information on market performance.

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