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Real Estate Development Summit Europe on 21st& 22nd February at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa in Milan, Italy.

The Real estate sector today is burgeoning at a pace wherethe iconic structures, innovation and the ever-changing market dynamics, keeps project owners and solution providers across the world on hooks.


Prospective buyers and suppliers are eager to understand what it takes for them to be at a place where they can make the most of real estate trends and build a strong network for collaborations.


After the tremendous success at the East African, West African and the India Edition, GBB is all set to present the summit at Europe which is scheduled to take place on 21st& 22nd February at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa in Milan, Italy.


The summit will host 50 handpicked Solution Providers from Europe and 100 Project Holders from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Russia. After a meticulous and thorough selection process the highlight of the RED summit this year will focus on personalized face-to-face meetings, purposeful networking, and impactful knowledge sharing sessions and insightful panel discussions.


RED summit brings together professionals from a gamut of different players from the industry. RED summit ensures that the one-to-one meetings take place with C-level executives or key-decision makers who are abreast with the finest trends in real estate development, providing latest market insight, helping you make decisions that increase your efficiency and success.


Our sole focus would be to identify the challenges faced by the Project Holders, while sourcing appropriate material suppliers, service providers, and other real estate project related solutions, and connect the local business owners to leading global market leaders who are handpicked based on decades of accumulated experience in the industry.


Attending the RED Summit-Europe is not only for maximizing networking opportunities but also adds some variety to your busy life. Meeting a whole set of new people, exploring the uncharted territories and enjoying a drink with peers is a bonus at the event.


To participate in the Summit, or to know more about the Summit, visit or contact GBB at [email protected].

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