Red Door Gallery Presents exhibition titled Carnet de Voyages “images and emotions from a Traveller’s life” by Michel Puchercos

Photographer Michel Puchrcos is unveiling an exhibition titled ‘Carnet de Voyage’ at Red door Art Gallery in Victoria Island from 29 October to 1 November. The exhibition–open to the public will display photographs from Michel Puchercos’s travel’s across Nigeria and will be sold in support of the Five Cowries Arts Education Initiative. 

In a world where travel and adventure have been halted by border closures and numerous disruptions, the exhibition aims to celebrate what Puchercos calls the “life without borders”. It highlights the rich cultural heritage of African people through carefully observed photographs. 

Michel Puchercos said that the exhibition represents, “a captured glimpse, a special unguarded moment, swift emotions, people, nature and the environment are present at every level of my work work” According to him, they form part of those recurring themes that he finds himself constantly drawn to. 

The photographs in this exhibition are strongly in line with Five Cowrie Arts Education Initiative’s vision to integrate art into learning and teaching. 

Polly Alakija, the founder of Five Cowries Arts Education Initiative said, “Five Cowries Arts Education Initiative thrives thanks to the shared passion of individuals and institutions for the need to deliver richer and more relevant learning experiences to the children and youth of Nigeria.” In admiration for the photographer and his support, she states her gratitude for “Michel’s dedication and commitment towards documenting a positive narrative”.

All 34 photographs from the collection are also included in a photobook and, the profits from the sale of the photographs will be donated to the Five Cowries Arts Education Initiative. 

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About Five Cowries Initiative

Five Cowries Arts Education Initiative project (Five Cowries) was founded in 2018 by muralist, artist, educator and children’s book author, Polly Alakija. A vital part of the work done includes educating and engaging children who are outside of the formal school system and supporting children during school’s closures. Projects are presented as printed worksheet and on the E-Learning platform,

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