Stellarchem Nigeria Limited launches new products

In line with the policy of the Federal Government to promote made in Nigeria products, Stellarchem Nigeria Limited, an indigenous company operating in the manufacturing sector of the economy has launched seven new natural skincare products into the market with a brand name known as ‘Seeds of beauty products’.

The cosmetic products already approved and registered by NAFDAC include stretch-marks remover soap, stretch-marks remover lotion, skin lightening soap, skin lightening lotion, natural black soap, natural bath scrub and extra-virgin coconut oil. Speaking, the managing director of the company, who is also the current Chairman, Toiletries and Cosmetics Group of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (T & C Group of MAN), Mr. Ikpong Umoh, explained that all the products are made from natural ingredients like fruits, stem, leaves and seeds with Nigerian environmental conditions in mind to ensure naturalness. He said, “We discovered that many imported skin lightening products in the market contained chemicals like hydroquinone, steroid and mercury oxide that are dangerous to the skin. That is why you see people, mostly women with multiple irritating skin colours.

The good thing with these natural products we have developed is that they gradually return the skin to normal by removing the irritation and they brighten the skin naturally by reducing melarine on the skin without any damage. The products are very effective and they work within 14 days. Seeds of beauty brand is the first ever made in Nigeria stretch-mark remover product that comes with soap, it can also help people who suffered chicken-pox to restore their skin” . He went on, “ Stellarchem Seeds of beauty are well thought out research products carried out by professional chemists with years of experience, and the research lasted for over four years before the products were manufactured locally.

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The products of Stellarchem have 100 percent natural skin-deep nourishment, and can also be used for infants. For example, the coconut oil is cool extraction done with the use of a machine. The Seeds of beauty soap gives the body natural moisture to keep the skin healthy because it is made of leaves and fruits. But some soaps people buy today do not have this natural moisture, so they dehydrate the skin, leaving it very dried and chaffed. The stretch-mark soap and lotion are specially formulated to remove stretch-marks from the skin, in order to maintain the natural skin texture.

The natural black soap is formulated for all skin types to fight against acne and pimples. It clears and prevents rashes while relieves dried and chaffed skin. The bath scrub contains burnt ashes and sifted palm bunch residue. The skin lightening soap and lotion contain avocadoes, carrots extracts and lemon that are very good to the skin.” He added, “For our manufacturing sector to develop like what obtains in advanced countries, we must support made in Nigeria products, not only in words but by action. We must encourage local manufacturers to thrive. We have a lot of raw materials in Nigeria that we can use for cosmetics locally, which are very good to the skin. Now government is focusing on the need to buy made in Nigeria products, which must go beyond simply telling people to buy the products, but showing themselves by example in terms of patronage and actually using these products. Today, about 90 percent cosmetic products in Nigeria are imported. This means, we are building foreign industries and creating jobs for people in other countries, while our local manufacturing companies with the capacity to produce better quality products are closing shop due to lack of patronage, infrastructure and over regulation.

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