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Syndicate Bio partners SOPHiA GENETICS on early detection and treatment of cancer

SOPHiA GENETICS (Nasdaq: SOPH), a healthcare software company specializing in data-driven medicine, has announced that Syndicate Bio, based in Nigeria, has partnered with them to implement MSK-ACCESS® powered with SOPHiA DDM™. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Syndicate Bio becomes the first laboratory in Africa to adopt the MSK-ACCESS® assay through the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform. Moreover, it positions Syndicate Bio as the pioneer in making comprehensive genomic profiling and liquid biopsy accessible to patients throughout the entire continent. By leveraging this new technology, SOPHiA GENETICS, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), and Syndicate Bio aim to advance health equity on a global scale.

 Its benefits include:

  • The early detection of cancer, sometimes before symptoms manifest
  • Real-time updates about the progression or regression of cancer 
  • Guidance on the selection of targeted therapies tailored to an individual’s molecular profile
  • A less invasive diagnostic approach, which simply requires drawing blood or urine samples rather than the extraction of tissue samples 

In Africa, there are approximately 1 million new cancer patients each year, yet the availability of comprehensive genomic profiling and liquid biopsy testing options is limited. As a result, patients often have to forgo these tests or travel outside the continent to access them. Syndicate Bio’s implementation of this new offering will provide cutting-edge liquid biopsy testing to many of these patients, addressing the historical underservice of genomics and precision medicine in the region.

Abasi Ene-Obong, PhD., Founder of Syndicate Bio, expressed his excitement about partnering with SOPHiA Genetics to introduce MSK-ACCESS® powered with SOPHiA DDM™ to their lab. He believes that this collaboration will revolutionize cancer treatment and research in Africa, starting with Nigeria. The integration of next-generation sequencing technologies in oncology and liquid biopsy holds immense potential for advancing the field in Africa, ultimately improving patient outcomes across the continent. Through this partnership, Syndicate Bio aims to enable the widespread application of precision medicine in oncology throughout Africa.

Our scientific knowledge, in conjunction with AI-powered technologies and data-based solutions facilitated by SOPHiA GENETICS, offers a distinctive chance to revolutionize the experience of individuals with cancer. This transformation encompasses non-invasive cancer analysis, predictive genetic testing, and the implementation of precise and effective precision medicine.

Syndicate Bio is actively driving genomics and precision medicine initiatives worldwide, collaborating with governments, industry partners, and other stakeholders. By focusing on Africa, particularly Nigeria, Syndicate Bio aims to make a significant impact by introducing innovative clinical oncology services in an underserved region. This initiative will enhance cancer diagnosis and treatment for African patients, providing access to next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing, liquid biopsy testing, and clinical trial participation.

To further strengthen their tumor profiling capabilities, Syndicate Bio will integrate MSK-ACCESS® powered with SOPHiA DDM™ into their offerings. This decentralized version of a highly validated ctDNA test developed by MSK involves deep sequencing of 146 cancer-associated genes. With just a small blood sample, Syndicate Bio can generate a comprehensive report in a timely manner. Liquid biopsy, being less invasive than traditional biopsy, simplifies patient monitoring and promotes the adoption of precision medicine. By leveraging the sophisticated analytics, advanced algorithms, and cloud-based solutions of the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform, along with MSK’s expertise in cancer genomics, Syndicate Bio is able to provide a top-notch liquid biopsy solution.

In our efforts to promote data-driven medicine for all, our decentralized worldwide network and special partnerships allow us to assist underserved communities, similar to those supported by Syndicate Bio,” stated Philippe Menu, MD, PhD., Chief Medical Officer, SOPHiA GENETICS. “Through the adoption of this solution, Syndicate Bio will have a significant impact across Africa, contributing to the creation of an extensive dataset and offering crucial insights to influence the future of healthcare on a global scale.”

SOPHiA GENETICS and MSK have recently collaborated with AstraZeneca to introduce the MSK-ACCESS® powered with SOPHiA DDM™ testing solution to various countries and regions worldwide, particularly in underserved areas with limited access to testing. For more information on SOPHiA GENETICS, visit SOPHiAGENETICS.COM, or connect on XLinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. 

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