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Which cities in the World have the most Unicorns (Startups valued at over $1billion)?

City rankings by the number of Unicorns, Exits, Pantheons, and Influencers; Most Recent Industry Reports; Somalia’s startup ecosystem; CrunchBase Exclusive Discount for StartupBlink Community & much more; San Francisco, in the State of california, USA, is the undisputed leader in the number of special entities

Cities with the most unicorns 2022

At the city level, it’s unsurprising to see San Francisco as the undisputed leader, with 496 special entities.

New York has overtaken Beijing to become the city with the 2nd highest number of special entities, and the only other city to cross the 100 special entities threshold with 170.

While Beijing increased the number of its special entities by a modest percentage of 11%, San Francisco Bay and New York saw explosive growth: San Francisco Bay increased its special entity count by 75% and New York by 121% in a single year. 

The Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Hangzhou, which were in the top 10 last year, have been pushed to 14th and 16th respectively. Although Shenzhen and Hangzhou now have more special entities than last year, other ecosystems have simply grown their special entity count faster. 

Europe’s leading ecosystems also produce special entities at the same explosive pace as their US peers. London, Paris, and Berlin grew the number of their special entities by 135%, 93%, and 107% respectively in the last year.

Tel Aviv is a new entrant in the top 10 this year, ranking 9th in 2022 versus 12th in 2021.  To see the full list and get more insights, download the Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2022.  Download SOURCE: Startupblink

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