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YouTuber MrBeast and Amazon launch Beast Games with $5m in cash prizes

Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast in the online world, recently made an exciting announcement on Monday. He revealed his collaboration with Amazon MGM Studios to create a new reality competition show, Beast Games. This venture aims to push the boundaries between YouTube and traditional television even further.

The upcoming series, titled “Beast Games,” is being touted as the “biggest reality competition series ever.” It will feature a staggering 1,000 contestants vying for a remarkable cash prize of $5 million.

Jimmy Donaldson holds the distinction of being the most-followed individual creator on YouTube, boasting an impressive subscriber count of over 389 million across all his channels. Additionally, he ranks as the fourth most-followed creator on TikTok. His YouTube productions are on par with professional TV operations, featuring elaborate sets, a dedicated crew, and substantial cash rewards. Some of Donaldson’s past videos include challenging himself to endure seven days of solitary confinement, attempting to demolish a Lamborghini with a train, and creating his own version of the popular show “Squid Game.”

During an interview on “The Colin and Samir Show” podcast, Donaldson revealed that his YouTube videos can cost anywhere between $4 million and $5 million each. He further mentioned that the new show will have an even larger budget. According to estimates by news outlet Puck, the deal between Donaldson and Amazon is valued at approximately $100 million.

Donaldson expressed his excitement about the new show, stating that it will be an enhanced version of their regular videos. He emphasized that money will not be a constraint in the production, allowing him to explore limitless possibilities. This newfound freedom is both liberating and mind-blowing, as he can now bring his creative visions to life on an even grander scale.

Working with a streaming service like Amazon allows Donaldson to break away from the algorithms and preferences that dominate YouTube, such as thumbnails, video length, and titles. However, it’s worth noting that MrBeast videos consistently garner between 300 million and 500 million views each, while there are only 80 million active Amazon Prime Video households in the United States, as reported by Amazon.

In summary, Jimmy Donaldson’s collaboration with Amazon MGM Studios for the creation of “Beast Games” marks an exciting milestone in the convergence of YouTube and traditional television. With a massive budget and an ambitious concept, this reality competition series is set to captivate audiences and blur the lines between online and offline entertainment.

“Beast Games” represents a continuation of creators venturing into content creation for streaming services, reflecting a broader trend of creators diversifying their content beyond social media platforms to increase revenue streams. Notably, the YouTube group “Sidemen” debuted a Netflix documentary earlier this year, while the family of TikToker Charli D’Amelio recently premiered the third season of their reality show on Hulu.

During a podcast interview, Donaldson expressed, “We are completely transforming our approach. This project will offer over six hours of content, a significant departure from my usual 20-minute videos. The depth of character development and storytelling will be unparalleled compared to our regular content.”

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