It is our pleasure to invite you to apply for the BusinessDay Top 100 Fastest Growing SMEs Awards which is scheduled to take place on October 15, 2018. Facilitated by BusinessDay in partnership with Bossman Nigeria and Aim Higher Africa, the award is specially created to celebrate fast-growing SMEs that have been able to demonstrate great business excellence, ethical conduct, integrity, and social responsibility in the last business year.

We believe that your performance is worth celebrating and request that you commence the application process. The application deadline is set for August 13th, 2018.

Please, note that the award is absolutely free. However, a fee of N25,000 will be applicable if you desire to have prominence or a special feature in the publication that will be created for the award.

To be included in the list of Nigeria’s top 100 fastest growing companies, a company has to meet the following criteria:
▪ Revenue of at least N20 Million generated in 2014.
▪ Revenue of at least N100Million generated in 2017.
▪ The company is independent (the company is not a subsidiary or branch office of any kind).
▪ The company is headquartered in Nigeria.
▪ The revenue growth between 2014 and 2017 is primarily organic (i.e. “internally” stimulated from business activities).
▪ If a company is listed on a stock exchange, its share price has not fallen 25% or more since 2015.
▪ Company’s balance sheet (asset value) size must be at least N5 Million in 2014.
▪ Company’s balance sheet (asset value) size must be at least N50 Million in 2017.
▪ The Company must have a staff strength of at least 11 or more employees within the period (2014 – 2017) under review.
▪ Must be profitable within the review period.

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Here is the comprehensive timeline for the award:
▪ Application deadline: August 13, 2018
▪ Newspaper & Digital Publication announcing award recipients: September 15, 2018
▪ Top 100 Conference: October 15, 2018

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