Apply for the Entrepreneurship World Cup Pitch Competition for Entrepreneurs ($1million prize)

With over 370,000 entrepreneurs from more than 200 countries and territories participating, The Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) has grown to become one of the largest and most varied startup pitch competitions and assistance programs of its kind. Winners receive life-changing rewards. EWC has given out $4 million in cash prizes and $150 million in in-kind prizes, giving entrepreneurs the chance to advance their businesses to new heights.

However, EWC is more than just a competition. Numerous coaching and training hours have been imparted, in addition to valuable entrepreneurship programs customized for each of the three World Cup participating stages. The network you develop along the way provides priceless advice and assistance to propel your business toward its expansion goals.

Entry is free of charge.
Any startup, regardless of location, is welcome to submit an application and become an applicant.
Startup applicants must be formally registered in their home country or intend to register there.
The Global Finals date must fall on or before the tenth anniversary of the applicant startups. Not the date of idea genesis, but the company’s registration date determines the entity’s age.
EWC Worldwide Winners of cash prizes at the EWC Global Finals (2019–2023) are qualified to compete again in 2024, subject to the following candidacy requirements for potential future prizes:
AWC Only prize categories distinct from the ones they won from their prior competition participation may be open to applicants.

The only people who cannot apply to be candidates for the EWC 2024 are the winners of the EWC Grand Prize, which is awarded to the overall winner.
Previous runner-ups (places two through five) and/or category winners are welcome to apply, although they cannot fight for the same spot.
All candidates will go through the same judging process in order to promote fairness in competition. Previous winners are not eligible to compete in the Global Finals through a fast-track.
For instance: In 2021, Entrant A receives the Idea Stage award. Applicant A will only be given consideration for EWC category prizes and/or non-Idea Stage “ranked prizes” if they reapply.

For instance: In 2023, Entrant B receives an award in a particular category. Applicant B will only be given consideration for any category prize—aside from the one they have already won—or all ranked prizes if they reapply.
For instance, in 2020, entrant C came in second. Applicant B will only be taken into consideration for EWC category prizes and/or any ranked prize, with the exception of second place, if they reapply.
For Further Details: Go to the Entrepreneurship World Cup Pitch Competition 2024 Official Website. Deadline: March 31, 2024

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