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Track the world’s unicorns with Crunchbase’s new leaderboard

Track the world’s unicorns with our new leaderboard

There are now more than 1,200 unicorn startups in the world. These companies reached a new milestone this year: Topping $4 trillion in value for the first time. That’s double the value of the world’s unicorns at the end of 2020. Keep track of it all with The Crunchbase Unicorn Board, our new leaderboard of unicorn startups that’s updated daily.

Cybersecurity startup secures second $1B round of the year

Last week saw another $1 billion—yes, with a “b”—funding round to a single company, marking the second raise of that size this year. This time the big bucks went to a cybersecurity company. Cyber was not the only thing to attract VC attention last week though, as AI-enhanced customer service, fintech and others also drew big rounds.

SEC eyes big changes that could affect VCs and growing unicorn herd

As part of a new effort to force more transparency onto private markets, the SEC is reportedly pondering rules changes that impact both how venture investors operate and the nearly 600 unicorn startups in the U.S.

Why ‘upskilling’ is attracting billions in venture funding

Amid what some economists are calling The Great Resignation, we’ve seen a boom in global investment to startups developing tools and platforms focused on upskilling and reskilling workers.

Inside immigrant leadership among top-valued unicorns

Immigrants have founded and lead a disproportionately large number of American startups that go on to stupendously high valuations. But is that trend likely to continue? Among venture-backed companies with valuations of $8 billion and up, immigrant founders still abound.

The Signal: Capacity, Clari and more raise a combined $585 million

In the first edition of The Signal, a series that analyzes key data signals in Crunchbase that indicate when a private company is growing, we look into five high-growth companies that should be on every sales rep’s radar.

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